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New Aussie Author of "The Willow Tree Series" A realistic gritty contemporary series.

Tamara McWilliam lives on the beautiful Mid North Coast of Australia with her husband and two teenage children.
Tamara studied Naturopathy in 2008, often falling asleep upon the keyboard late at night. It was then she learned the art of balancing family, work and study. She opened a clinic within her existing family business then went on to become a hairdresser as well.
As time passed and the late night study ceased Tamara felt a gap during this time of the evening. In 2015 she was determined to write a Detox book, she began typing away on her laptop at night as her husband slept soundly beside her. As the Detox book progressed so did her yen to write something unique. Stepping completely out of the box, Tamara started writing a fiction novel that had absolutely nothing to do with health. It was then "The Willow Tree Series" came to life. Within eighteen months the series of five novels was written and self published.
Tamara finds writing relaxing and calming after a long day working as a Naturopath and Hairdresser.


What's happening this month... APRIL

It is April... I think I blinked and three months flew by! It is a busy time ahead in my writing world... I have sent the final book in the Mosconi series to edits!! Woo Hoo! And looking at giving out a release date any time now for 'Blodd of the Tiller-man.' Fictionally Yours Melbourne 2019 is creeping up at a rate of knots! If you are attending don't forget I am taking pre-orders and .....I have some exciting news I will be able to share over the coming month so watch this space!!

Great to have an author lunch with these two lovely ladies last week!
(L) Annie Seaton (M) Fiona McArthur (R) Tamara McWilliam
Remember, Beneath the Snow of Gnojnik has been released in the UK. If you are from England, keep your eyes peeled for the book in your local bookstore!
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