2019 is going to be a cracker!

on 07-Jan-2019

Feeling pretty pumped today! I have accomplished all of my jobs around the house that have been like a ball and chain around my ankle. Every time I walk passed these things to be done I would roll my eyes and think I really should be doing that! Well...I have finally finished them all. That is right, I am completely up to date and boy it feels great!! (Only took six month to get my shit back together due to the creation of the Elk) I have some pretty exciting things coming up...

That is right... This chick and I are teaming up again for the next photoshoot!! A double whammy this time (I so love that word.. Whammy) We will be shooting promo pics for the final book in the Mosconi Series as well as the front cover!! WooHoo!!! And.... but wait... there is more... We will also be photographing promo shots for the next novel based on a true story. 

This novel is set in the 1960's-1970's and is based on the true story of a Taylors Arm man and his experiences through the Vietnam war. I am conducting my interviews over the next couple of weeks!! So excited to bring this book to life, definitely one to keep your eyes peeled for. It has a projected release date of May- June 2019. 

Today is Monday, and Monday has become my new Sunday! So back to work tomorrow 

Happy and Exciting times ahead!