An uphill battle...

on 01-Jan-2019

I am so glad it is 2019. Not because last year was terrible... not at all. It would have to have been the fastest year to flash by my eyes since as far back as I can remember. It was filled with chaos, adventure and massive risk taking all whilst trying to balance a family and keep my sanity through out the madness. I had a couple of days off over the Christmas break, admittedly I usually take two weeks off around this time of year but due the change in our business a few days was all we could afford to take off before gearing back up and heading back in there... It is the first time in over six months I feel I have completely relaxed and found my compass in life. I have a little tweaking to do to get back on track completely but today I feel calm. Today I feel a little like my old self. 

The last four weeks have been mind blowing. Our business has been so busy the fifteen hour days have been killing us. My legs ache, my back aches, I have been so tired at night I can barley spend ten minutes writing before I fall asleep.  The clothes pile in the laundry to fold stands almost as tall as me. The worst part is it hasn't just been work and housework. Have you ever had a period in your life where one day rolls into the next and where you may have a crazy thing or serious thing happen once a month? Well the last four weeks I have barley moved from hour to hour without something chaotic or downright f*%#ed up happening. Seriously the last 'thing' I was told happened that needed my urgent attention my words were to the affect "You have got to be f*#$ing kidding me!" I honestly sat in bed that night/early morning after work and stared at the wall wide eyed, shaking my head. It has seriously been that feral. 

So. Today, I embraced the fact I felt semi normal. I laughed, I shared the company of family and relished in the fact I had a full day at home and didn't have to go anywhere, or fix any problems for that matter.

My husband captured this moment today when my sister, mother and I lined up for a picture, my sister Bree said something (totally inappropriate) that busted my Mum and I, as you can see. Laughter is so good for the soul.

I hope everyone walks into this New Year with confidence, gusto, knowledge that things never run smoothly or to plan and faith that amongst the chaos there is alway love and laughter to get you through.