Another amazing week!

on 29-Jul-2019

Well... with a little hope I won't be jinxing myself when I say I had an amazing week last week! The balance between work, home and writing seems to have been on point this week. We were extremely busy with work to the point we even worked this Sunday, but it was awesome!! My author world was also busy, but it all worked! My family life seemed... BALANCED...

Where to start? Let's start with my author world, I attended the Feast of Authors held at the Kempsey Shire Library. A massive shout out to Fi McArthur and Mary and her crew from the Kempsey Shire library for organising such an amazing event. We had over seventy people attend with a full panel of authors. AMAZING. I also met with the local man I am doing a story on and that was such an honour. He is awesome and I can't wait to bring his story to life! 

(L) me, (R) The very talented Karly Lane 

Feast of authors panel ready...(L) me, Karly Lane and Annie Seaton.

What a crew! (L-R) Desley Polmear, Tamara McWilliam (ME), Jaye Ford, R.L Aiken, Karly Lane, Annie Seaton, Kaneana May and Fiona McArthur.

This is my favourite picture of the day! We were all worried we would end up tipping the seats by sitting on the arm of them! Luckily no one ended up on their backsides lol. 

(L-R) Annie Seaton, Karly Lane, Me, and Fiona McArthur. 

It truly was an awesome day. 

Followed by lunch at The Garden Bar and Kitchen at Freddo. (R-L) Me and the gorgeous Fiona McArthur 

As the week progressed it became busier, we celebrated with the community some amazing milestones at work

From an engagement and baby reveal ...

To a 21st Birthday party

and a fourteenth...

A Christmas in July...

And a baby shower! 

Finally there was family time...

Unfortunately my man was away this weekend and we spent some quality time together last night bonding over unpacking meat... didn't get a pic of that... ha ha ha ha 

All in all I think BALANCE has re entered my life and I am loving it! 

I hope today has been an amazing one! 

Happy Days