Blood of the Tiller-Man

on 17-Jan-2019

We have done our photoshoot!! What an amazing weekend! It was a hot balmy Saturday afternoon in the great burning Aussie sun... We travelled to Way way rainforest and you could feel the temperature drop a little under the protection of the foliage above us. The creeks were a little dry but the lush green rainforest shone mother natures brilliance. A massive shout out to Bettina, our photographer. It was a snakey afternoon for Betty, and not just in the sweets kind of way! 

Aside from the Allens Snakes we chewed on through out the shoot, Bettina was a little distracted halfway through the shoot when a man arrived with a huge arse python snake. Glad she enjoyed cuddles with it, I was more than happy to stay a few feet away from it! 

A massive shout out to our cover models. Sienna our female model is my beautiful daughter. It has been awesome to actually use her in a shoot this time. Sienna is usually my helpful side kick when these shoots are happening. And our Jimi. Jimi was on the cover of Beneath the Snow of Gnojnik. I have known Jimi since he was a tiny lad. It was great to see this pair together for our photoshoot for the next chapter in the Mosconi Series. Blood of the Tiller-man is almost complete and will be hitting the sales rack within the next couple of months! If you haven't already read the first two books, Daughter of the Tiller-man and Redemption of the Tiller-Man, make sure you grab a copy and catch up before Blood of the Tiller-man is released. 

In the meantime, here are a few pic from our shoot to look over...

This picture was taken at the Macksville Industrial Estate. 

As was this amazing picture ....

I love Way Way Rainforest...  

It's a tough gig getting the right pic! 

But I think we did pretty well... stay tuned for some awesome promo pics to come ! 

Happy Thursday