Daughter of the Tillerman

on 18-Sep-2017
  • September

...'It's comin' round the bend...' The first book in the 'Mosconi Series' is about to be sent to edits! It has been exciting to get back into writing a series again. The Mosconi Series is in smiliar vein to the Willow Tree Series, a contemporary, gritty series dealing with the harsh realities of life in todays society. There will be three novels in The Mosconi Series with release dates of November for the first novel, 'Daughter of the Tillerman.'  A March Release for the second novel and June release for the third. (Actual Book launch dates and locations to come.)

So..... having said that, it is time to have a little fun now... The photo shoot for the cover will be happening within the next couple of weeks and a promotional shoot will be happening shortly after that. Keep your eyes peeled for some awesome shots by our very talented Bettina Dwyer and a new set of local cover models!!