Happy to be perfectly imperfect...

on 07-Oct-2019

Today is Monday. I woke this morning to the air feeling a little warmer than usual. It is taking me a little time to get used of the fact it is daylight savings again.  Daylight savings means we are coming into warmer weather and today didn't disappoint. The mercury hit close to 40 degrees today. I usually hate the heat. I am sure by February I will be blogging about counting down the days until Summer pisses off, but today... Today was a sensational day. We swam, we laughed, we ate, we gardened, we relaxed. 

Today was a pleasant surprise as the last week has been pretty shit to be honest. This pointy end of raising my first born has been a marathon. It is funny all the memories that float back to you when you are struggling through parenthood. One memory that seems to be sticking in my mind at the moment is a comment a friend of my Mums made in passing one day to me. I was pregnant, heavily pregnant and I was petrified about giving birth. Her laugh was almost creeping as she looked at me and said quite bluntly...'Birth is the easy part, the next twenty years is what is going to kill ya!' 

Jesus she was right. And not in a negative way. I must admit there have been times I felt like hitting my head against a brick wall... very hard... But all in all as he quickly approaches eighteen I feel proud. It hasn't been easy to be the rock they bounce so hard against as we have embarked on a massive journey together and we have weathered many storms, great moments and very shit house moments but we have come through stronger and happier. 

I look at both of my children and feel so proud to be their mother. (secretly I have my fingers crossed my girl continues on the amazing, calm track she is on, I don't know if I could handle another two years to replicate the last two! This old rock is feeling a little bruised and battered.) 

We are almost at the finish line mate!! So proud! 

Keep being amazing my girl, not long for you too! So proud! 

I look back at the last seventeen and three quarter years of parenting and wonder if I have done it perfectly? Nope, probably not... but I am happy to be perfectly imperfect. Not only in my parenting, but in my work life, my writing life, my married life, my unique individual life. I am happy and content with who and what I am. 

So having said that it is time to get writing, I only have a few more weeks and my next book is due for edits!!! Super excited to be bringing you this book... It is a stand alone that crosses many boundaries I haven't crossed as a writer yet. Loving writing it. 

ALSO...If you are in Port next week, I will be doing an author talk at the Port Macquarie Library on the 16th of October at 10:30am I would love to see you there! 

Happy Long weekend peeps!