Hoping this is the right intersection...

on 15-Jul-2019

There has been so much going on over the last twelve months. Crazy shit. A mixture of children growing up and evolving into adults, learning my new role as a mother and guide to them as well as navigating  a whole new career change with-in my business. Obviously other things around me have suffered. I have struggled to find time to be everything to everyone and do it successfully. I have struggled to keep balance for myself personally and spiritually as well as for my husband and our relationship. This then extends to family and friends. I have dropped the ball, fallen over myself, and sat in tears staring at walls. But... all of this just shapes and forms us into the wonderful people we are... Yes?

The past four weeks have been the hardest and best (funnily enough) in this whole freak show. I have done things at work I never thought possible, I have crossed so many boundaries (In good way...) and discovered so much about myself I didn't know existed. I have finally placed a couple of balls down. (Not all of them, it is still a bit of a circus, but hey, life is a bloody freak show!) I don't feel so overwhelmed. I have actually spent a little time with my husband instead of the customary 'Hi love, how are you? Sorry can you tell me that when I get home tonight, I am late, I have to run' (this was at six thirty in the morning.) I would then arrive home at ten or eleven at night and walk into my quiet house, with only one light left on. Everyone in bed,  it is such a horrible feeling. I would walk into my bedroom to find a lamp on and my beautiful husband sound asleep. Regretfully I would wake him to tell him I was home, he would smile kindly with sleepy eyes and ask me how my day and night was. He often fell back to sleep before I was able to answer him. I would shower, try and eat something and go to bed, then repeat the next day.

Melbourne happened at the most perfect time. It was towards the end of the chaos and was the break and reconnection I needed. I connected with like minded people giving me such an amazing opportunity to branch my art of writing into realms I never thought possible. I have come back inspired, motivated, even to the point I have started another novel and in one night wrote for five hours straight... A massive creative release!!

We have arranged work to give us the much need reprieve, for our minds, bodies and families needed it desperately. I have sat with my husband and drank a cup of tea talking to him, having a conversation, laughing with him. We have spent time to be, instead of passing each other by with a quick kiss and hello or goodbye. I have had time to connect with my adult children and for this I am so thankful. I feel this week I have been sitting at an intersection. Life is always a series of twists and turns not knowing which direction to turn in. Well I have turned. By God I am so happy to have taken that turn I can tell you. Today is the first Monday I have had off in a Looooong time. I am sitting in my office prepared to continue writing my stand alone book that will be sent to edits by November. I am breathing a little easier.

A little news on Blood of the Tiller-man, my editor has had a few family issues to attack (can totally sympathise with her!!) and the release will be postponed until early September. I will be holding a book launch at Elk on 38!! So excited! So keep an eye out, I will be releasing an event on facebook for that very soon.

On that note, writing is beckoning me before diner needs to be cooked!

Happy Days