I have been HACKED!

on 08-Oct-2017
  • October

Well I am disappointed to say I have lost my 'Hacked' virginity. I have officially be Hacked by someone in some foreign country. Let me start at the beginning....This weekend has been a strange weekend. Saturday was busy and frustrating, Daughter of the Tiler-man is so so close to being complete but there are still some finer points to get through... (Finer points in writers terms mean 'bloody annoying bits and pieces'.) I have noticed over the past week I have had e-mails returned to me, when I have read where the messages were returned from they were weird email addresses I have never seen before. It was then I was notified by my email supplier to change my password as they noticed unusual activity on my account. Easy done. But it was too late!! I received ANOTHER email but this time from Amazon saying I had successfully changed my email and password. The  LOVELY people (I am being sarcastic by the way... the words I would use to describe them really wouldn't be appropriate for a blog) had already hacked my amazon account and changed the email address and password to the KDP section where I get my royalties for my books!! And it was about now I went into total freak out mode!!! After taking a few deep breaths, calling American Amazon and clearing up this mess, I now have my KDP account back in my control with no damage done. (My apologies to anyone I usually send emails to and have received SPAM messages from me lately!)Then came Sunday!   Today looked a little like this....

A much nicer way to end a crazy weekend...Family time at Valla Beach 

Hope you all had a great weekend and are geared up ready for a new week!