Life...oh crazy life!

on 15-Nov-2018

I have quickly raced home today for a couple of hours before going back to work at the Elk for the dinner run. Usually on a Thursday and Friday, Bree and I pull a 14-15 hour shift each day... today we have a couple of hours break before heading back in. So.. it is blog time. I am sitting at my computer and seriously feel like my head is going in a million different directions! Have I ordered the herbs? Have I written that reservation up? Oh crap! Did I get that out ready for tonight? What am I going to prep the family for dinner tonight? Shit! Where are the kids!! Where is my uniform, did I do the washing yesterday? Knickers, where are my God damn knickers! Yep that is about my life at the moment. A massive bundle of chaos. 

It is a good crazy and a bad crazy all at once. 

I am finally back into my writing groove. I am actually sitting here typing away listening to 'Long cool woman in a black dress' by the Hollies, drinking a chamomile tea and feeling excited for what lies ahead in my writing world! I will be attending the Bowra Regional Writers Expo again this year. It is on this Sunday at the Pioneer Cottage in Bowraville, commencing at 9:00am. There will be so much to see and experience this year. We have a special corner dedicated to children, as well as a large variety of local authors to meet and get your books signed. (A great opportunity to grab a few Christmas presents while you are there.) 

There will be seminars held (though I won't be holding one this year) and a great panel! (I will be on the panel!

I will be starting the process of the next photoshoot shortly, with new cover models to get the next cover of my book as well as some pretty awesome promo shots! ( I will introduce these lovely people very soon) I have also just started the research for my next novel, due for release mid 2019. This is very exciting as it is based on another true story about another Nambucca Valley Local. I can't wait to share this adventure with you too!  I fore-see a magnificent year ahead in 2019. 

On that note, I need to get the last load of washing on the line, peel some veggies for dinner, and find my God Damn knickers!! 

Happy Thursday peeps!