Limited by our own fears

on 30-Nov-2018

I am sitting at my desk taking a moment to breathe. I had the first of many scares with my teenage children and we have all lived through and came out the other side... THANK GOODNESS!! I am sitting here thinking what to write about this week,  I really didn't want to re-live the scare I had, so I decided to skip past that and began scrolling through facebook (insert head slapping emoji!) However I am glad I did. It is amazing how one thing can lead to another and somehow I ended up watching Queen do a live concert at the LIVE AID 1985. Has anyone taken the time to watch Freddie Mercury sing at that concert? I watched 'We are the champions' and the way that man sang that was mind blowing!! His expression showed pure courage, defiance, bravery and sheer determination. He gave it everything he had, it was raw and absolutely spectacular.


This kind of had me thinking... we are only limited by our own fear of inadequacy. No matter if you are a musician, artist, writer or really anything you want to accomplish in life, it is our own fears of judgement that hold us back. Freddie Mercury struggled in a time where being a homosexual was taboo, and showing his true creative soul would have been compromised by social boundaries and harsh judgements.

We all have obstacles and comfort zones to break through, but watching the courage and determination within this man is not only admirable but inspiring. So on that note, I am taking one hell of a deep breath and heading into work with one hell of a smile on my face. 

Remember you can d anything you put your mind to... just watch Freddie Mercury and you will see exactly what I mean.

Happy and safe Friday!