Magnetic Pull...

on 28-Oct-2018

Have you ever been to Magnetic Island? I haven't been any further than Fraser Island before and I found that to be an absolute dream, but boy... Magnetic Island was something else! 

As I was saying in my last blog, my husband and very naughty sister organised a trip for my family to go to Magnetic Island for a week to celebrate my 40th Birthday! We flew up to Townsville and immediately the change in temperature was noticeable. Minus the fact it was pissing down rain here as we drove to the airport, the weather in Townsville was PERFECT. (even though it was twice as hot and humid as it was back here at home.) I only had two days to prepare for this trip, (unbeknownst to me, i'm pretty sure the entire town knew about it.) I started to pack my bag... Swimmers and sundresses were my first port of call. Once the clothes were taken care of and make-up and vanity bag I looked for what to take to entertain my self on this island. A book Maybe? My computer to finally finish the book I am almost done with? No. I opted against all on the above. I didn't take anything to read, I didn't take any work to catch up on. I didn't take anything. 

And what was the outcome of that you ask? Well... having no distraction meant I was I was 100 per cent present. I was present for my children, I was present for my husband and I know this may sound a little strange, but I was also present for myself. I sat for long periods of time and watched my children swim, laugh and banter with each other. I sat down with a glass of lemon lime bitter (cause I don't drink alcohol...) and chatted for hours to my husband. I watched sunrises and sunsets. I slept all night and went discovering the Island throughout the day. I walked, I swam. I actually stayed still long enough to have honey eaters dance so close to me it was majestic. I took in all of the vibrant colours, I watched all different species in the wild, I heard sounds I have never heard before. I was PRESENT.

The world around us, void of the many distractions we as humans put in the way is actually an amazing and beautiful place. Having to please only the three people  around me was easy. There was limited internet use so this meant the children were also present. That in itself was pretty damn awesome. 

To see them smile, laugh and discover the world around them fulfilled my heart as a mother. 

The Island reminded me a little of Scotts Head, a small community of people surround by an amazing group of beaches. It had Tropical qualities I have never seen before, and this was breath taking. 

The week came and went as you can imagine all to quickly. It was one of those amazing little pockets in time that makes you so thankful for the little things in life. I guess it is times like these amongst the chaos of life that makes it all worth while. 

Happy Sunday