Monday is my Sunday this week...

on 01-Oct-2018

I woke this morning and it was deadly quiet. I couldn't hear a thing, no birds, no kids and no husband tickling my nose trying to wake me. (Then laughing at me when I wake suddenly with a start, all because he has been awake for hours and bored shitless of the book he was reading) No, this morning it was silent. I sat up on the edge of the bed and turned to look behind me. It is weird when your partner is away. I find I sleep so lightly and never seem to completely rest, one half of the bed was perfectly made where the other half barley appeared to have been slept in. I really don't like that look, to be honest... My gorgeous man is away on another fishing trip. This time, the Solomon Islands. The poor bugger has more than earned this trip away, (other than the fact he is retired and should be doing many more of these trips) he has been working on Elk on 38 for Bree and I for the passed twelve weeks, seven days a week. I am so glad this trip came when it did, he needed a break. The only draw back (beside I miss him like crazy!) there is no phone reception where he is... so, it's nine days of no contact... (and my stress levels have increased somewhat...)

When I walked out into the kitchen to grab a cup of tea, I poked my head into my kids bedrooms. Both of them were sound asleep. I have been so busy lately I find when I wake I am yelling through the house, "Everyone up! Let's go," and by the time I reach their doors they are grumbling and stretching awake. Not today. Today is a public holiday. It is Monday. I have been working huge hours for the last four days and today I am not working at all. It is my day off, which means we all were able to sleep in, and sleep in we did! I stopped at Annas door and her beautiful sleeping angel face hasn't changed since she was a baby. I quietly moved to Brodes room and he too was fast asleep and his sleeping angel face hasn't changed one bit either. It was a surreal moment as a mother. I remember watching them sleep when they were young and felt immense pride and joy. They were absolutely perfect in my eyes. Well guess what... Watching them today gave me the exact same feelings and they are still the most perfect beings in creation. I may be yelling and screaming at them by lunch but this morning... this morning they were my perfect little sleeping angels, safe and protected under my roof, under my wings.

 The Elk on 38 is going so well! We couldn't he happier or prouder for that matter. The community have been amazing in their support, I can't thank the locals enough for that!! We were fortunate enough to have Micka Scene perform at our Tapas Bar yesterday afternoon and boy was it amazing!! We all stood back in awe as we watched the excitement within the crowd and the magic Micka created with his music. 

Micka Scene from Byron Bay 

(L-R) Bree Castle, Micka Scene, Tamara McWilliam (that would be me!) and Leigh Castle

My sister Bree and I getting prepared ready for a great afternoon of music!

Such amazing support from the local community (and on grand finals day too!) Thanks to all who came along. It was a cracker of an afternoon!! 

So today has become my Sunday (although I must admit I did sneak a little trip with my baby girl to Way Way rainforest yesterday for a little R and R before we started work in the afternoon) 

So... the kids and I have had home made fresh strawberry pancakes with ice-cream and maple syrup for breakfast and we are all slugging it out on the lounge for the day! Oh happy days!! A full day of writing for me! 

Happy Sunday (on a Monday!)