Moving Forward...

on 28-Jan-2019

It is now the end of January. I really do think time goes faster as an adult than it did as a kid. I remember  making calendars in high school with my girlfriend and marking off the days busting to get to the end of the term... Now, I am looking for just a few more hours in the day, hence the blog writing at eleven o'clock at night! It has been a bloody awesome couple of weeks.

A few months ago a dear friend of mine travelled to Scotland. Whilst in Scotland she met this lovely lady, Florence. Florence lives and works in Scotland but she is Polish. Her family still lives in Poland and as fate would have it my girlfriend just happened to mention my book and have a spare copy with her. Florence went back to Kracow Poland last week and took 'Beneath the Snow of Gnojnik' with her. There are really words to express what an amazing feeling it is to know this book is only an hour from where it all began in Gnojnik all those years ago. I often wonder what Joe would think about it. As you know he passed away before I finished the book. How would he feel knowing his and Ruths story has made it all the way back to his homeland. 

This is Kracow. 

I am so thankful to Raelene for taking it on her journey and to Florence for taking it back to Poland. (It is kind of surreal to see) 

Last week also saw a lot editing, chatting, more editing and decisions on covers. I met up with Bettina at the shop aka Elk on 38 where we brain stormed for a couple of hours. 

It was a hot arse day but we certainly made progress towards getting the cover for the final book in the Mosconi series, 'Blood of the Tiller-man.' 

No this isn't the cover but isn't it beautiful... just had to share! 

It was then time for the weekend. I can honestly say I am feeling so much more organised these days. The heat is absolutely killing me but work and family life seems to be running a little smoother, I find I am writing so much more which helps to keep that balance I often rag on about... 

Australia Day snuck in there as well, It was time to have a few days off (well kind of, we really only swapped Saturday work for Sunday work lol) Sunday came around and saw another Acoustic Sunday Session at our Epic Tapas Bar Elk on 38. Micka Scene and Ewan Mueck entertained a magnificent crowed from 1:00am-7:00pm 

Above: Micka Scene

A Massive shout out to these amazingly talented lads... 

Above: Ewan Mueck 

So, now it is the night before work!! I have prepped for tomorrow and about to make myself another cup of tea (this time a peppermint tea... need to stimulate those brain cells) ready for a late night session of writing. 

I hope everyone had a cracker of a long weekend! 

Happy Days !