Sensational Melbourne

on 09-Jul-2019

Prior to attending Fictionally Yours Melbourne 2019, I have never been to Melbourne. I still haven't seen the essence of Melbourne as we were on such limited time. There are still so many amazing places to explore, but this only gives us an excuse to head back... Soon. The places we walked to were breath taking. The people were so kind and atmosphere was mesmerising. Thank you Melbourne. Here are a few little snap shot of our discovery day...

It is now time to get back to reality. Work starts again tomorrow as do the chores and running a house and family. I am so thankful for the weekend that has just passed. A massive shout out to my Mumma and daughter Sienna for being so supportive. Love you both forever and beyond. And a special thanks to Fi. You are such a wonderful, special lady. 

Happy Tuesday!