Spring is coming...

on 27-Aug-2017
  • August

Spring is in the air, housekeeping and gardening aren't the only things getting a clean out in this household! Let's start with the gardening.... It is always calming to look at a beautiful garden. I think it is the best place to start!

The flowers are in full bloom and my Yakka plants are growing full steam ahead around the pool area. 

It was only a half day of housekeeping today. The kids had touch football try outs at the local sports fields (There was no suffrage going on laying in the sun watching them I can tell you that!) So between running them over town and back and doing the grocery shopping there really wasn't a lot of time left out of today. It was a beautiful Sunday on the Mid North Coast today, the sun shone, the wind gusts were down to a minimum (after a very gusty week) and the temperature was sensational (There are only four days left of winter after all...) 

This then brings us to the next part of our 'Spring Cleaning'..... "Teenagers" I know... I can only imagine the confused frowns I am getting at the moment... How on Earth do you spring clean a teenager? WELL let me tell you ...

After months and months of whinging, complaining, argumentative teenagers I decided it was time to re-assess our Job list, rights, privileges and responsibilities of being a member of the McWilliam clan. After carefully and artistically (of course) drawing up the new game plan I strategically stuck it above the 'Technology bench' in the kitchen. The looks on the kids faces... PRICELESS! I recall hearing one of my lovely cherubs referring to the new list as "Boot Camp" lol, truly it isn't that bad! 

So now it is time to hit the computer and finish "Daughter of the Tiller-man" because the next two weeks will fly by and I will be sending it to edits before I know it!! 

Happy Sunday