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on 29-Sep-2017
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I don't know if I am chasing the moon or the sun at the moment... It has come to the pointy end of writing 'Daughter of the Tiler-man.' The point where I come home from a full day at work, cook, clean, sort the kids and the hubby then get into writing/edits and re-reads. This usually takes me until 2:00-2:30am. I fall asleep utterly exhausted then wake to my husband getting ready for work at 6:00am... Yep we are talking about four hours sleep... so you see I don't know if I am chasing the moon away or chasing the sun up. By sun up I am back to work. Thank Goodness this part doesn't last for too long!! I found a picture on the internet that aptly describes how I feel about now... I thought I would share it with you :-)  

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