The week that was...

on 29-May-2019

Happy Hump Day! It is Wednesday night. I am tucked up in bed writing this blog as it is freezing here tonight. Ok, so it isn't really freezing... to be honest we have been spoilt rotten with our amazing climate here on the Mid North Coast. It is almost the first day of winter and I am still getting around in shorts and a T-shirt. Being Wednesday it is the start of night shifts for me. I work in my family run business Elk on 38 (just in case you didn't know that already lol) I do Tuesday and Wednesdays in clinic and the salon then shift over to night work on a Thursday, Friday and Saturday night in the Tapas Bar. I am happy to report, this week has been a better week! 

I found a little balance this week. I took a little time out Monday afternoon and went to Scotts Head Beach for a walk. (My happy place) It was sensational. The air was crisp enough to need a jacket yet the breeze was luke warm. It was quiet. There was next to no one there which I think made it a little more beautiful. We watched the waves roll in over the rocks from our seated position on the headland. The smell of the sea salt spray was refreshing and the cool sand that tickled our feet was tantalising. We saw an eagle dive deep between the waves to watch him come up with a fish tight in its grips. It  flew over us with the fish flapping in its claws. 

I must admit looking up at the eagle, (pictured above)  I was a little nervous as it hovered over us for quite some time before heading off in the opposite direction.

And then there is this amazing human! 

 You see, I rarely get to go places with my eldest child these days, he is off driving himself places and rarely comes on adventures with his old Ma anymore. Lol. But I still have this little partner in crime by my side... My gorgeous girl who just happens to be turning sweet sixteen next week!! Where has that time gone! 

We said good bye to this chick last week. Maya has been working with us for the last four years as our hairdressing apprentice. She is heading over to Europe for a few years and as happy as we are she will be spreading her wings, it is also sad to see her go. She has certainly become a part of our family and we will miss her dearly...

This little beauty came today! (Not me... the book) It took a few attempts getting it all perfect but I think it is now ready! I have spent the last three hours reading over this book just to make sure nothing was left off during the printing stages... This means I am one step closer to being ready for FYM2019. I have booked my flights to and from Melbourne for Fictionally Yours Melbourne 2019 and I have my accomodation sorted. The outfit I have chosen to wear arrived in the post yesterday, making it all so real now!!! It is coming up so fast, I must admit amongst the crazy butterflies I have for this amazing event I am super excited to be apart of it. 

Argh... Work... As you can see the dark circles are still under my eyes... but it was a little calmer this week. (that was until our cook was sick and our replacement cook was also sick!!! ) 

So... it was my turn to step up to the plate (literally) and try my hand at cooking. I covered the Breakfast and Lunch shift, and I can honestly say... I almost kissed Tanya's feet the second I saw her the next day!! Hats off to our amazing girls for the work they do in our kitchen. One day in there has given me a whole new appreciation for them both!

I was extra careful this week to maintain a little more balance. I was able to knock these beauties out. (When, you ask? Well...these were done during those endless hours you can't sleep whilst waiting for your teenage child to drive back into the driveway at night) I will be donating these to the Macksville Hospital for the new bubbas about to join our crazy world. 

So all in all, I think it is safe to say it was a good week. 

Happy Hump Day Peeps!