Well...It happened.

on 26-Oct-2018

Well... it happened. I have turned 40.  It didn't hurt as much as I thought it was going to, if I am being truly honest. The lead up to turning 40 was a little odd. We have been so busy getting this Tapas Bar up and running, turning 40 went to the back burner. I was kind of hoping it would slide under the radar a little. A few days prior to my birthday,  I asked a couple of close girlfriends to join me and my immediate family (aka, children, husband, parents, sister) at the Tapas Bar for dinner. And they did. According to me... the job was done. I enjoyed my meal and loved the chance to be on the other side of the counter. I went to bed that night and felt accomplished. I was forty now, I felt like I had leapt to another dimension of my life and it actually felt like a positive change. I woke the next morning (being Saturday) and starting prepping for work. We had an anniversary party booked in for the night. Full house. Closed event. Mmmmm not quite the night I was planning on...

So... my sister and I went down town to grab some extra bits we needed and on our return this happened...

My darling family had organised me a surprise party... and a massive surprise it was!!!

But there was something a little special amongst this... I had family from Sydney drive up to be at my surprise party as well as my dearest life long friends/family (literally, I have known them since I was born) came all the way from Queanbeyan... ALL OF THEM!! 

What an amazing night. I felt the love, I can surely tell you that. Everyone that came, I am super thankful and feel so honoured to have such special people in my life. So turning forty to me was pretty darn special! 

But wait... there is more. Beside having a super amazing 'Day of the Dead' themed surprise party, my husband and very naughty sister planned a surprise trip to Magnetic Island for the kids, Rob and I. 

Holy shit balls Batman! doesn't begin to describe it! 

Stay tuned for the Magnetic pull blog to follow.

Happy days