WOW...Fictionall Your Melbourne 2019

on 08-Jul-2019

Friday morning, my mum, daughter and I drove to Coffs Harbour to get on a plane to Melbourne. This trip was exciting for more than one reason. You see none of us have ever been to Melbourne before, so discovering a new city we have heard so much about was exciting in itself. However it certainly wasn't the only reason. The fact the three of us were heading to Melbourne for a girls weekend made the adventure even more exciting (even though we couldn't take an important cog to our wheel. We had to leave Bree behind to work!!) But... the reason we were heading to this beautiful city, on a girls trip was because it was Fictionally Yours 2019 weekend!!! Now this was super exciting.

I have known I was going to be a signing author at this even for over eighteen months and have been counting down the days for this amazing event. 'AMAZING' really is an understatement for Fictionally Yours Melbourne 2019. This event was so well co-ordinated, so well organised and the support crew went above and beyond to make sure everyones needs were taken care of. I have met the most beautiful group of readers at this event. Their enthusiasm and love of books makes the hard times of writing all worth while. I was also fortunate enough to meet other authors, who I found to be so inspirational. To be with like minded people fills my soul with so much joy and drive, I couldn't possibly thank them enough. 

We set up our stations on Friday afternoon in the conference centre of the Crown Casino Melbourne. By 9.00am Saturday morning the fan girls were let into the conference room followed at 10:00am by general admission. 

The organisation skills of this lovely lady Penny and her friend Tina was above and beyond! 

It was awesome to meet this very talented lady Tille Cole...

And this lovely lady Lila Rose...

The talent in the room was amazing! With Zoe York...

and the gorgeous C.J Wells 

And of course Fi McArthur 

We really need to give a special shout out to this lovely lady, Gayle. This lovely lady has done an amazing job advertising and marketing each and every author that attended fictionally Yours Melbourne 2019. She also personally took hold of everyone books so we didn't have to fly over with them and she had them delivered to our sites and unpacked on our tables. Amazing, absolutely amazing lady... Thank you Gayle. 

This author signing was absolutely amazing. I truly feel honoured to have been a part of such an amazing event with so many amazing people. To say I had a bloody awesome weekend would be an understatement. I feel blessed to have been fortunate enough to have such a mind blowing experience.

Happy days (that make the hard days worth while)