• Daughter of the Tiller man

    The Dal Sanio and Mosconi Families of Sicily have been at war for over fifty years...

    When pregnant lovers Christiana Dal Sanio and Luciano Mosconi escape Sicily in 1997 and arrive in Melbourne Australia they thought they were free to start a new life as a family, far away from organised crime. They were wrong...

    Melbourne 2017, hardened underworld criminal Oliver Dal Sanio had one last job to do before returning to his homeland of Sicily. Infiltrate the notorious Mosconi Family and return Christiana Dal Sanio back to her family at any cost.

    Nineteen year old Anna Mosconi has spent her youth embedded within her crime ridden family, orchestrated by her grandfather and enforced by her father. With no mother to guide her, Anna had no choice but to adapt to the world she has been raised in order to survive.

    When Oliver discovers Christiana has been killed his focus turns to her nineteen year old daughter. He soon finds himself enthralled by Anna's complexity making him question his loyalties.

    As Anna discovers love for the first time with her father's new employee she is torn between family duty and the man she has given her heart to. Loving him could mark them both for death.

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