Willow Tree Series

A realistic gritty contemporary series.

Willow Tree Series

  • Fire in the Wind

    Max Hart is a Medical Research Manager in Sydney Australia. After life throws its fair share of obstacles involving the fairer sex his way, Max decides it’s safer to enjoy the company of women but on his own terms. Max, a notorious ladies man, smooth, charming and an extremely skilled lover never falls in love.

    Sally O’Reily is a young, fiery red headed customs officer in Scotland. When her boyfriend is caught smuggling drugs into the airport she works in, a holiday to Australia to attend her brothers wedding is exactly what she needs…

    Sally meets a smooth, charming, ladies man at her brothers wedding. She is determined to find out what all the fuss is about. With a promise of no strings attached and her limited time in Australia, Sally convinces him to teach her the art to making love. His skills as a lover ignite a fire deep within her.

    Sally arrives back in Scotland, to find the Drug Cartel her ex was involved with, are in search of stolen information stored on a micro sim, that could expose and destroy some of Europe’s most prominent families. Sally is number one on their hit list. Escaping to her brother in Australia is her only chance for survival.

    Seeing Max again was the last thing either of them expected…

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