Willow Tree Series

A realistic gritty contemporary series.

Willow Tree Series

  • Scent in the Wind

    The Ravened haired beauty, Lilly Arbie appears to be embracing her thirties with freedom, confidence and gusto. Little does the outside world know the tormented battles she faces in private. Lilly is thrown into a whirlwind when her abusive ex-husband is released six months early from prison. With a random request from a trusted family friend Carson, her complicated life is about to be turned upside down.

    Emotionally detached SAS soldier Hunter Timmins lives his life one day at a time. An unexpected betrayal from a trusted female allie in war torn Syria, leaves Hunter seriously wounded and shipped back to coastal Australia to recover.

    When Carson asks Lilly to rent her studio for a friend recovering from a work injury, She welcomed the distraction and added security his arrival would bring.

    A restless Hunter, was anxious to return to Syria until an exotic angel crossed his path. Bewitching his every sense. She was unknowingly breaking down all emotional walls Hunter had spent a lifetime building.

    Falling in love was the last thing either expected. The tirade of their past colliding, with revenge, deceit and heartbreak weighing heavily upon them.

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